Wardrobe from the manufacturer

What explains low prices for your products?

Answer: first of all, buy a wardrobe from the manufacturer is always more profitable, because these products acts minimal markup. Any product more expensive, when doing a long way from producer to consumer. Large wholesaler buys the party, sells her small wholesaler, who in turn sell directly to the store. Each time to the original price of the manufacturer is added markup. Here you can buy a wardrobe in the hallway, in the living room on producer prices, i.e. directly from the furniture factory. Even low rates due to the fact that we are all activities via the Internet, we have no showrooms, salons, stores that require additional cos21ts. Buy wardrobe online store is more profitable because the costs of building maintenance, salaries of employees, rent, security, etc. are not included in the price.

Don’t want to wait, I want to buy and to install.

Yes, some of the products from our catalogue cabinets are available, it is necessary to check with the managers of the company. It is worth to mention that to buy a ready-made Cabinet only after careful selection of a place for him in the apartment. It must exactly match the height, width and depth, and to have the extra space for opening doors (if you get not sliding wardrobes, and swing) or for extension drawers, if we are talking about Cabinet with drawers. If your property meets these requirements, feel free to buy the finished product. If you need to save space and rationally accommodate a lot of things – it is better to consider the option of making cabinets to order. In this case, the product will fit for your needs, not Vice versa.