Budget beds

Want to buy double bed cheap, what price you can offer?Answer: budget beds – this model is made of laminated chipboard. The most affordable can be purchased at a price within 5 000 rubles. The main thing when buying a bed – not to save on the mattress, it should provide you a healthy sleep, and it means to be orthopedic.

We decorate a room for a child younger student. Advise the bed.

Answer: if you allow the size of the room, it is best to buy a single bed, full-size, length not less than 1,90 m, because your child is already quite large. This bed him enough time and you no longer have to spend money on this piece of furniture.
Are there any affordable beds made of wood? They say that all natural products are very expensive.

Answer: bed wood is the best choice at all times. Durable, beautiful and safe, they can serve for decades. There are several types of wood for making furniture, they are all different, different cost and differ in their performance characteristics. The most accessible material – pine, its wood is quite soft, and is easily processed. Beds made of pine wood – the most affordable, you can order this product within 10 thousand rubles.

Bed what size is a Queen? Do you have such?

Queen-beds are beds with sizes from to 160 cm in width and length 190 or 200 see They can be used as a double, but ideally, they are designed for an adult. Virtually any single or double bed in our catalogue can be made in a single size and in any color. So choose.